Possibility- this one word holds so much: dreams, plans, the "what is to be" and the "what is to come"...maybe.This weekend I'm painting a bookshelf to go in my room at school. Before I bought it, I thought it wouldn't take much work- just a little paint and voila, it would be beau-ti-ful. However... 1. I'm pretty sure it grew in the car on the way home 2. it's SO dusty I don't know if it will ever be clean enough to paint it and 3. the family of wasps on my back porch keep interrupting my work..rude.but still, I can't help but think about what in the end, this bookshelf will look like and how much I'll love it in my house at school. Which got me to thinking about this next year and yes, the possibility of it all. I have quite a lot of trouble saying the dreaded "s" word (senior) and yet, I can't wait to see what this year holds. like the three before it, I'm positive it will be unlike anything else I have ever experienced. There will be late nights, road trips, talks with my roommates, dancing, laughing, singing and porch swings- that I am certain of, but the rest is still possibility. and like my bookshelf, I can't wait to see how it turns out.

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