bowl-coming festivus

It was so good to see familiar faces and hug necks of people who were once a fact of every day life. To catch up and hear how they too, are adjusting to this sometimes bewildering post-grad life and share the news of our new paths in life. Catch-up coffees, long dinners, and late-night hang outs mixed in with Pigskin, parade and football game and made Baylor Homecoming 2010 a weekend to remember. And when the Bears won the big game, Homecoming became Bowl-coming as the football team is now bowl-eligible for the first time in fifteen years. It wasn't until I was driving home yesterday that I had my first realization of how hard it's going to be for me to leave loved ones come January. If only Baylor and all my favorite people could relocate with me...think about it Baylor, that would be a homecoming to remember come 2011!


homecoming holiday

I'm off to Waco today for Baylor Homecoming and I'm giddy about it. Yes, it's true that this homecoming will be the first time in three years I won't be dancing on Waco Hall Stage, I won't have a hand in making a parade float, and won't have watched campus put it all together. BUT, this will be the first homecoming in four years that I'm not utterly sleep-deprived. That's the true beauty of being the spectator instead of the host. Yet even better, this will be the first time in all by Baylor Homecomings (which are many, going alllll that way back to 1989) where I will actually be coming home. Coming home to one of the best places I know and to many of the people who helped make it what way. Happy Homecoming! 



She is quick and curious and playful and strong.

One line. Seven stories. That's the plan for a new collection of short stories released by Kate Spade and the Strand bookstore. I l-o-v-e this idea. Isn't it amazing how a single sentence can lead people in a galaxy of different directions? A direction you would have never thought of- that's the beauty of another person's perspective. Read more about the project and even excerpts from the stories here.

P.S. Not to be a total girl, but aren't those book covers assez mignon? Oui, I thought so, too.


Anthro Outfits On-The-Go

The best things, be it a book, a room, or a marketing campaign, always have the greatest details.

Anthropologie's Outfits: On-the-Go is no exception.


a conversation about worry

Ever feel paralyzed by nerves or fears? Last week, this visa process had me freaked out. I mean, beyond all reason, convinced I was headed for doom.

Me: I'm never going to get this visa.
Reason: Why would you think that?
Me: There's too much paperwork and nameless, faceless people handling it. I don't have any of the control. I can't even figure this website out. Hold on, I have to go to HOUSTON?
Reason: You didn't have control of your graduate school application and look how well that turned out. You still have twelve weeks and by the way, you like French people, that's why you're going to France. The people at the consulate won't be any different.
Me: Yeah, but...
Reason: But what? When are you going to get it that worry will do absolutely nothing? Except break you down and perhaps distract you from that fact that this whole thing (the visa, moving to France, life in general) is all about faith. Faith that God has it under control. Faith that the dreams you care for so deeply, are loved and known more by God than you. Newsflash: The fact that you can't see the entire process happen in front of your two eyes isn't a reason to freak out. Do what you have to do and then let go. Let go and wait on God.
Me: You're right. There's always going to be something I could worry over- two weeks ago it was getting into graduate school. This week it's getting the visa to go to graduate school. What will it be next? Right here, right now, I'm making a lifestyle choice: I'm defriending you, worry.
Reason: That's what I'm here for. Now stop your crying and get on with life. You've got a lot to do. Haven't you heard? You're moving to Paris in twelve weeks.


let them take cake...

Priceless: Watching wedding guests last night fills ziplock baggies full of reception leftovers. And I don't mean half a bag of fruit- I'm talking armfuls that required multiple trips to and from peoples' cars.

Shameless: My best friend and I joining in on the mayhem.

And this isn't even half the loot.

Alexis sums it up well.


state fair

Corny dogs, cotton candy, fried food galore- our experience at the state fair this weekend was food, food, food. The bears may have lost, but the reunion of ex-roomies (minus one) couldn't be tainted. It was marlavous, right ladies?


signed, sealed, delivered

Fresh off the FedEx truck and into my hands straight from Paris (with love I'm quite certain), the package every newly accepted grad student hopes for...

P.S. Did you hear about the Paris apartment that had rent paid for 70 years while not a soul inhibited it? AND when people finally went into the apartment, they found painting masterpieces worth three million dollars! Crazy, non?


looky looky from st.louie

Fresh off the press and from St. Louis, look what has arrived!

The Fall 2010 issue of The Optimist proudly introduces Optimist International's new president, Danny Rodgers, aka, my dad!

P.S. Isn't the cover, shot by Kate Leverenz, awesome?


paper faces on parade

Love this images (via style.com) of last week's masquerade celebration of Vogue Paris' 90th Anniversary. Also love this post by one funny, lucky girl...if only, right? 


All photos via LittleBrownPen

I have to admit, I've daydreamed about writing this exact post for a over a year and yet as I type, I still don't believe it.

Come January, the porch swings, the sunsets and I will be moving to Paris!

Monday I was accepted into a graduate program at The American University of Paris for Spring 2011. Since then, I feel like I've gotten engaged or something with all the phone calls, emails, and texts I've been making and receiving.

What else can I say, but God put a dream in my heart and people in my life to encourage it. He was faithful every step of the way and is leading me into what I can only believe will be one mighty adventure. I keep thinking, "Are you sure, God? Me...really?" But throughout this entire process, I trusted that if I was suppose to be accepted I would be- there were plenty of variables in the equation that could have gone wrong...but they didn't. There's a lot of paperwork and procedure to get through before the trans-Atlantic flight, but I know that He will carry it all through to completion.

Oh my gosh...I'm moving to Paris!


it's a new year

Wait...what? Yes, you read that right. Didn't anyone tell you it's a new year today?

It's with great pride and pleasure that I announce the new year for Optimist International and the beginning of my dad serving as International President. I know it's been quite a journey for my dad and mom to get to this day and it's such a happy happy thing to watch them take off into the arena today. God has given my dad such a courageous heart to lead Optimist International and I know great things are going to happen in the next 365 days.

For them, it's going to be a year of travel, a year of connecting, and a year of serving. So many memories, lessons, and experiences await them and I kind of feel like the proud parent watching my loved ones go out into the world to seize the day.

Wishing for only the best and expecting only the best. Happy New Year y'all!