baylor flash mob

Reason #398 why I love Baylor:


Something I'll miss about college is being forced against my will to go to IHOP at 1 a.m. Really, I was forced. Told my friends I wasn't happy about it and they still made me go. They're good friends because sometimes they know what's better for me than I do, but now it's 3 a.m...why am I still awake? The control-freak part of me says I have to get sleep so that I can do things like class and papers and coherent speech...tick tock.

Someone once told me that if you can't fall asleep it's probably because God is trying to tell you something.

So I wait and think...I'm twenty-two and about to graduate from college. I'm about to leave the life I've grown accustomed to over last four years and the family of friends I've built around me. I have no idea where I'm going or what I am doing next. And I can't seem to remember to trust the One who has it all in His hands.

It's scary and frustrating to not have control or even a clear look into my own future. Who am I kidding, I can't even control when I go to sleep. Why is it that I struggle so hard against surrendering and settling down in the sweet knowledge that God's got it? Why do I fight it? And why do I wait until 3 a.m. when I need something to approach God about it all? Why does my arrogance keep getting in the way? Maybe God weakens us sometimes to remind us how much we need His strength. To remind us that He is the leader and we are not. That us not knowing our own futures gives Him greater glory when that future finally arrives.

You hem me in- behind and before, you have laid your hand upon me. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain. Psalm 139:5-6


i dare you.

to be unique
and do what you really want.

Like making wedding cake for your birthday.

Hey, it's the little things that add
up to make you who you are.



Happy Birthday to LP!

Roommate of three years,
friend for four.
She'll have you laughing
until you're crying.
She'll outwit you,
creep better than you,
and love hot dogs more than you.
She has a closet any girl would envy,
and the tenacity any boy would.
She has the best stories,
no fear,
and all the ginger qualities.
More than anything,
she's wholly and solely herself at all times,
the loyal friend everyone hopes to have,
and I'm so glad I count her among my own.
I couldn't imagine the last four years with out her.

Happy Birthday Laura!


Some Mondays, you have to tell yourself, Yogatta do this.
This Monday is especially peculiar because with it begins
my last week of class. Eeeeekk- how did it come down to this?
I guess there's no bargaining with time or growing up-yogatta
just do it.

a fratty affair

Phi Chi Formal in Austin = lots of jokes, lots of laughing, friendship, formal wear, eating donuts at 1 a.m., the good things in life, the best things in college life.

pat: baylor dreams come true

I've basically had a love affair with the Pat Neff building on Baylor's campus since I moved into my freshman year dormitory. The big white columns, the bells that not only chime the time but songs as well, and the fact that the tower is lit green at night- Pat, in a word (or two) is so Baylor. Last week I had the priviledge to go up in the bell tower and even play the bells! So cool! Seriously, it was a Baylor dream come true.


this morning.

Got up early this morning
to have breakfast with a friend.

The world is particularly
simple and peaceful when the sun is just rising.

I like it.


Last night, a few friends and I went to a screening of Beware of Christians, a new film by a Baylor student. It's a documentary where four college guys travel around Europe for five weeks forgetting the rules, losing the excuses, and leaving behind everything in the hopes of discovering something bigger about both themselves and what it means to follow Jesus. In each city, they center-in on a specific topic like money, materialism, sexuality, or alcohol- which they interview people about on the street. Not only are the responses thought-provoking, but because the guys are bare and honest with their struggles, doubts, and missteps, the movie pricks the heart.

They ask questions instead of resting on what others have told them. They're seeking out answers instead of running from them- all with bold, open hearts. If nothing else, it's an absolute comfort to be reminded that I'm not the only one who doesn't have life figured out and that Christianity isn't a walk in the park. The movie left me with a lot to mull over, reevaluate in regards to my relationship with the world, and take to Jesus to consider.

On a less serious note, a beautiful thing about the film (besides Euro, oh how I want to go!) is the incredible bond between the guys- it's so evident even from an outsiders' perspective. Friendship really is one of the most beautiful things in this life.

Thanking God today for people who aren't afraid to ask questions they don't have answers to.


parker pizzazz

Sarah Jessica Parker takes the cover of this May's Vogue. The photos are beautiful, the clothes incredible, and SJP as usual, is her charming, gracious, down-to-earth, and all around fabulously cool self. Much talk about the upcoming Sex and the City 2 movie, a little about her sweet family, and most interestingly, news about her most recent professional endeavor: becoming a designer for Halston Heritage (much of which is worn in SATC2). I particularly loved this quote about her professional choices: "Does it scare me? Am I intimidated? Am I challenged? That's kind of the way I've always made decisions." Good advice, SJP. Good advice.

She's divine. And someone I wish I knew...okay, enough with the SJP admiration.

P.S. Being flown to London by Vogue to interview Sarah Jessica Parker? Yeah, I think that's a job I wouldn't mind..

practically blissful

Do you ever have a moment where in the middle of everything you pause and realize how incredible it is? Dancing, laughing, yelling the words to favorite songs with friends and a hundred other people? It's practically blissful. I'm going to miss college functions, there's no doubt about that.

At Tri Delt Formal...one last time.

Good Friends.


Family. Please note the lack of shoes, I think this is only possible at college functions. In grown-up world they probably tell you that shoes are required at all times...


And then they make you become alumni. Trading my pine for a pansy- I still can't believe it happened.


friday quote

The right word is lightning. -Mark Twain

Love this quote- I want to carry it with me always. It's formal season at Baylor- so I'm off to my final dance party with the Deltas tonight. Happy weekend!


so long, farewell, auf weidersehen ugly betty

Dear Betty, Hilda, Papi, Justin, Mark, Amanda, Daniel, and Willy,
The outrageous antics, the ridiculous fashion, the most unbelievable situations-let's be honest, you were a few notches past over the top, but you are going to be missed. Beyond the glamour and attitude of Mode Magazine, you were the determination and ambition of a young woman from Queens, who dreamed of becoming a writer. You let Betty make her own way by always being herself, by listening to her heart, and by never letting go of her dreams. You were family supporting one another in all seasons of life, you were friends who backed each other up, and enemies that learned to love and respect each another. You were funny, endearing, and unforgettable. Thanks for letting me live and dream through you as you walked the halls of Mode and blazed your own trails. Yes, I know that being TV characters means that none of you are actually real, but if you ask me, the best characters are ones that you wish you could spend a Saturday night with or the ones that you can see a bit of yourself or your friends and family in. Miss you already.
Whole Heartedly,

dear chapter meetings

Dear Chapter Meeting,

Thanks for being an excuse to dress up on Mondays.
Thanks for being a homework break.
And thanks for being a reminder of the many blessings in my life.

You were a secret password and handshake, candle passings, and songs.
You were an excuse to hang out with sweet friends, encourage, and be encouraged.

Thanks for being a reason to sing, a reason to pray, and a reason to hoot and chant.
You've filled my 6pm Monday night slots for the past 3 1/2 years and I doubt I'll ever forget you.




diy belt

I saw this idea in a magazine and had to try it!

Supplies: 1 yard of ribbon, a decorative flower (found at any craft store), scissors, and a few safety pins

Taking the ribbon, decide where you want to place the flower. (I personally prefer mine on the front, a little to the left or right). Then carefully pin the bottom of the flower to the ribbon in several places. (If you can sew, this would probably be a better option, but for the less domestic, safety pins do as well).

And voila! They're inexpensive, easy make, and something fresh for cotton dresses and cardigans.

See? Can't wait to try them out!


campus bloom

Girls in sun dresses, guys playing campus golf, fratty tank tops galore on the Bear Trail, and fresh flowers every which way you gaze. Baylor is definitely in bloom.