LOVE this ad by J Crew that appeared on the back of the Syle Section in yesterday's New York Times...

it makes me think of these

which makes me want to be wearing something like this

As always, merci J Crew.



Dear Graduation,
you actually happened.
you're the conclusion I've been dreading.
you came and went before I knew it.
you force me into a murky, unclear place of transition
and leave me asking questions like, "what next?"
Graduation, you're kinda scary, completely surreal, and almost too liberating- all at the same time. All I see before me is time and possibility and I have no idea where to go...

but graduation, I want you to know that I'm also very proud of you. You are the culmination of four years of work, joy, and growth and even if I fought against you, in some ways, it was nice to finally meet you last Saturday.

last week

I've been a little absent in this place lately. I tend to shy away from writing whenever I'm overwhelmed and I've experienced a lot in the last week to say the least. Please allow me to play a little catch-up.

My last week in Waco can be summed up in food and friends. Unwilling to forget anything, my roommates and made of list of our favorite things and places in Waco and scheduled them all into days. Staying true to form, we of course didn't exactly stay with the schedule. But no matter what we did, the bottom line of last week is that we were always together; Cupps, the zoo, George's, Lolita's, What About Cupcakes, frolicking on campus, the Suspension Bridge, late night hangouts- sharing our last Waco moments together was what really mattered.

I'm a firm believer in full circle stories and beautiful, sweet, tiny details. I love them and because God knows that I love them, He filled my week with them:
Last week, I ran into almost all of my freshman year friends- some of which I haven't spoken to since the end of my freshman year. We got to catch-up and revel a little in how far we have come. From my off off campus house, I heard the campus bell tower chime in the new day, graduation day. Many lasts, many conversations- all of which were centered around love and friendship- just the way I wanted to leave it all.


back to school he goes

Today is my brother's first day of graduate school. Although I am slightly disappointed we won't be at Baylor together, I am incredibly excited to watch Matt embark on this new challenge. I'm even more thankful that I get to watch him go after a dream of his. He's going to be more than great and I can't wait to hear about it all.


grown-up stuff

{props}This past weekend, I helped my brother and sister-in-law unpack a little at their new apartment. In my mind, I couldn't get over all the grown-up stuff they now have: dishes that match, wall scones, end tables...boxes upon boxes of all kinds of stuff adults always have...

This got my brother and I talking about age. He told me that really, he feels like he's still 22. Upon reflection, I decided I feel like I'm still 19. And we're both on the cusp of new adventures in life- things for so-called adults. So weird. But then I hear people in their 40s and 50s saying that they still, at times like their still in their 20s or 30s. I kind of like the idea of being young at heart always. There's joy and exuberance there.


one week

We've made a list of our favorite Waco dives and things to do and we're checkin it twice.

If you had only one week left in your city, what would you spend your time doing?



Dunzo. no more. fini.

Goodbye textbooks.
So long ridiculous research papers.
Buh-bye exams.

It's quite a spectacular feeling- I must admit.

thank you notes

Leah Dieterich's mother always told her to write thank you notes. So she does. To everything...thxthxthx is her daily exercise in gratitude and my newest favorite thing! It makes you think- what has happened today that you're thankful for?


kinda ready.

Yesterday, while prepping for a final, I had a realization. In the warmness of a perfect spring day, while sitting under the shade of mammoth trees in the heart of campus, feeling the wind flit across my face, I understood that I am ready to leave school. Baylor has done what it was meant to do; it has challenged and changed me. I understand that to stay, would be to linger in a world that has become all too comfortable. To stay would mean sinking down, instead of rising up to new challenges and adventures. Therefore, for all of those reasons, I'm ready to leave college.

However, that doesn't mean that I'm not grappling with the brittle truth that I am about to leave many dearly loved people. Knowing that I won't get to experience certain people in my day to day life after graduation is basically heart-wrenching. I wish I had a positive spin to add on, but I don't...except that friendships don't end just because people move. They end when people stop making a place for them in their lives. Friends, there's always space enough for you in my life. You don't have to tell me twice.


Don't worship the plan.
Worship the God of the plan.

I've realized that in the past months too much emphasis has been put on the afterlife of Baylor- knowing where I am going and what I will be doing. Yes, plans are good, but running after Him for the fulfillment of my life? Better- much better.