an elite sunday

It wasn't the way we hoped it would end, but what a ride it has been. A sea of 40,000+ Baylor fans in Houston to cheer on a team and program that has been on a magnificient journey of restoration- not just this season, but for the last seven years. What a pleasure its been to watch it all- not always pretty, not always successful- but always overflowing with incredible heart. That's something to always cheer for.

At lunch before the game, I couldn't help noticing the various groups of Baylor fans dining: not just college students and families, but also groups of old friends. People who graduated two and ten years ago, meeting up to catch up on life and cheer on their Bears. Years after leaving campus, the bond that started there has continued on- something I'm so glad to see is possible. Friends, let's make this us next year, in ten years, and forty more.


we'll fling our green and gold afar

All images found through Google and www.weheartit.com

Thinking green and gold thoughts all weekend for the Baylor Bears! Sweet Sixteen, here we go- Sic'em Bears!


sky high style

I acquire a very healthy collection of magazines each month; Newsweek, Vogue, Glamour, Harper's Bazaar, and Fort Worth, Texas Magazine- the day any of these come in the mail is certainly a good day. When it comes to covers though, Harper's Bazaar has everyone beat. No other big time magazine meets the photographic beauty of Harper's Bazaar and April's issue is no different. In fact, when I pulled Harper Bazaar's April issue out of the mailbox, I was slightly aghast. I mean, who does this?
Demi Moore + beach + free-standing staircase + giraffe? I.love.it.

And a close of of the shoes please- these babies deserve a cover for themselves (By the late Alexander McQueen.)



Image found here

-the weather is lovely- thanks, God.
-I find myself doing lots of "Baylor things"
-men's basketball team is playing in the Sweet Sixteen for the first time everrr
-I have to close my ears to avoid hearing sophomores and juniors countdown to summer
-I find my group of friends reveling in simply one another's company
-I may have finished a big, important application
-however unwilling I am to part with Baylor, I've realized that many, or actually most of the things I have dreamed about for my whole life are still to come somewhere up the road. I'm realizing how liberating and thrilling that is; the adventure has only barley begun and the best is yet to come.


friday thought

God calls you to
the places where
your deep gladness
and the world's

deep hunger meet.

- Frederick Buechner

That's what I'm hoping for. No matter where I go or what kind of job I do in this life, Lord, let me be serving and working for your good.


the sartorialist

The Sartorialist is blog by a man in the fashion industry who takes photos of well-dressed people on the streets of New York. Paris, London, and Milan. I've been following his blog for several months and have been awed by many well put-together outfits. One photo featured on his blog last week however takes the cake. It also takes the cookie, the pie...well, whole bakery for that matter.

I have no words for this girl's ensemble except incredible. It's a little mad-hatter, whimsical dream.- one that I can't get it out of my head. C'est manifique.

all hats off to you, fedora

I'm officially on the hunt for a summer fedora. I adore how simple and easy they seem for a spring or summer day; plus, come on, they're just cool. I've wanted a fedora for several years but haven't been able to find one that's just right. This is the season- I can feel it! Kicking myself because I passed on one at JCrew last week, but c'est la vie. Fedora, here I come!
All photos found through my dear, sweet friend, Google.

rent the runway

Erin Fetherston Fall 2010

The idea is simple yet genius: love, wear, return. Rent the Runway lets you browse via the web, legit designer dresses and rent them at a fraction of the cost. Worried about the dress fitting? Don't. Rent the Runway mails two sizes of the dress to avoid size snafus. The whole idea is pretty brilliant and I can't wait to browse their collection for myself. The only catch is, memberships is limited in order to give customers the best possible experience. So now I wait...


i'll remember you

This past weekend, I saw the new film, Remember Me. My friends and I left the theater having experienced a movie totally different than what we expected. Turns out, Remember Me is the kind of movie that stays with you long after the credits roll. Three days later, I'm still thinking about it.

It's a moving film for many reasons but above all, the predominant message is about the difference each person makes in the lives of others. Remember Me shows that what you say and how you react to others matters. In the movie it's how the main character treats the people he loves and knows the best that matters the most. We can never know what others take away from what we say or do- but they do take away something. What we do and how we treat others matters. For good and for bad we affect others.

The more I think on Remember Me, the more I love the film. I've started to examine the way I treat not only strangers, but my roommates, friends, and classmates. Am I a positive influence or a negative one? Do I shine light or stay in the dark? Am I authentic and honest or just say what others expect to hear? Will I regret doing this? Will I regret not doing this?
Here's another way to put it: You're here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world...By opening up to others, you'll prompt people to open up with God, this generous Father in heaven. Matthew 5:15...17 (The Message)


rising talent

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of watching one of my favorite people, Katie Leverenz, be in her element. My roommate Alexis, hired Katie to take senior pictures of her and I naturally tagged along for the photographic adventure. Katie has an absolute eye for capturing beautiful images and I love watching her journey into the world of professional photography. I'm so thankful that her job brought her to Waco and coincidentally, my house, for a much needed time of catching up. If you're not familiar with her work, you must check Katie out here.

sb recap

Reasons SB10 will be remembered:
1) It gave me the chance to rediscover my best friends. Opportunities to recognize the things that make them uniquely them, the things that I love about them, and the things that make us all fit together.

2)The mountains. Every heart needs the quiet peace and restoration they offer. How they make you feel so tiny in comparison to their grandeur and how they make you slow down and stop- even if it's only for just a few minutes.

3) Sitting around the fire reading; enjoying the peaceful comfortableness we have being together all while the snow falls outside.

4)Sitting around the huge wooden kitchen table talking for hours. "Remember when" conversations that last for hours and span years- friendship is a sweet thing.

P.S. I use this blog as a place to be honest and open with my heart and thoughts. Therefore, I'm going to admit that last night, I was terrified of class this morning. I knew that when I got up, things, normal life, would start again and go. Run actually, until it's over and my heart simply isn't ready. But, I can't stop moving because I'm afraid. On the contrary, I have to push harder, breathe deeper, and make more of today than I did of yesterday. A lofty goal, but I shall try. That's all I can do.



Where I'm going: Frisco, CO

**Photography by Todd Powell
Who is going:
The heart and soul of every person needs time away from the world and in the mountains from time to time. It's been too long for this heart- I can't wait for the mountains!

I can only imagine the adventures coming our way and the stories we're going to have...did I mention we'll be in cars together for 16 hours...times 2?

What I'll be reading:

I'm so excited for free time to read what I want instead of books for school!

SB 2010- here we come!


it'll be magic

I've always felt sad for people who haven't read the Harry Potter series.
Not only are they missing out on one of the sweetest threesome friendships I've ever read,
but they're missing out on the brilliant mind of j.k. rowling.
This past summer I saw the beginning stages of construction for the new Harry Potter World at Universal Studios and my heart might have skipped a beat or two....it's opening this summer!

Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and Diagon Alley come to life- it's going to be amaaaaazing- like walking around in a dream. Road trip to Florida?


midterm week

This morning I watched Baylor wake up from my favorite swing.

Image found [here]

I'm treasuring those moments of quiet and still as I push through the remaining tests and papers due this week.