all dolled up

Step-aside Barbie and Skipper, there's a new doll duo in town. The Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington have been designed into one of a kind dolls in celebration of Fashion's Night Out on September 10. Andrew Yang, commissioned by Barneys New York to make the dolls, reportedly hand-sewed and hand-painted every speck and stitch of the dolls. Anna's wig was specially ordered and cut by Yang to get the perfect razor-edge to the iconic editorial bob. Mais, pourquoi pas? This is Anna we're talking about.

The dolls are to be auctioned off beginning today, for more information, visit http://www.charitybuzz.com/.


find a new perspective

One more addition to Banana Republic's charming fall ad campaign featured in the exemplary September issue of Harper's Bazaar.

favorite looks: emmy review 2010

The 2010 Emmys aired last night. My favorite moment of the night was the show's opener: a Gleeish musical number complete with Tina Fey, Hurley from Lost, Betty White, and Jimmy Fallon - that and when Jane Lynch won for her role as Sue Sylvester. Outstanding.

The evening's fashion was as expected: beautiful dresses worn by beautiful women, but few left me wowed. It's true, the showstoppers and jaw-droppers are usually left to the Golden Globes and the Oscars, but I still expected to be a little more knocked-back. Black and navy, strapless and one-shouldered were the trends with some color sprinkled in between. My personal favorites include those below.

Toni Collette in Valentino: One of my top picks from the night. More times than not, a dress like this where the color bleeds in and out isn't altogether formal. However, the mix of color and graphics at the bottom of the skirt combined with a sweet, thin ribbon around the middle make this an elegant choice that stood out from the sea of solid-color last night.

Edie Falco in Bottega Veneta:

Eva Longoria Parker in Robert Rodriguez:

Claire Danes in Armani Prive:

Kristen Wig- I would be a huge fan of this dress if the outer-shoulder pads could be ripped off. The print is a delightful departure from solid color, but I can't help but imagine the black pads as birds about to take flight.
Kelly Osbourne in Tony Ward - P.S. She is so skinny now!
Julie Bowen in J. Mendel:
Lea Michelle in Oscar de la Renta- I loved the Glee girls- they all looked beautiful. Some may think the ruffles on this navy de la Renta to be beyond enough, but I love them. This girl is a star- she needs to stand out.
Dianna Agron in Carolina Herrera: This dress may look slightly like a doily in this picture, but it looked beautiful on camera. Plus, Dianna seems like such a lovely person- I love her and her dress.

Jayma Mays in Burberry:

Kyra Sedgwick in Monique Lhuillier:

January Jones in Atelier Versace- This dress has been put on a lot of "What Was She Thinking Lists" but I actually love the dress a lot, minus the cone/shell shaped top. Why must she channel Ariel/Madonna? Besides this, the dress is a head-turner and was one of the best shapes and vibrant colors of the evening.


that's a wrap

Tired of the way you always tie your scarves? Elle Girl shows and explains how to get wrapped up thirteen new ways here.


top of the list: tappas

Last night, I discovered tapas.

I realize that I may have just admitted complete culinary ignorance- did the whole world know about tapas and not tell me? Regardless, I've seen the light people and tapas are shimmering goodness! If like me, you're not too taught when it comes to tapas, allow me to include you in the wonderfulness.

Tapas, Spanish for "to cover," are Spanish snack tradition. They can be hot: Spanish meatballs, calamari, chicken and ham coquettes or cold: cheese, pita bread, stuffed peppers- the main point is that they are very small portions- enough for two maybe three bites by every person at table.

This serving style is designed to encourage and facilitate conversation. Instead of every person focusing on their own plate, you're sharing and dissecting the every nuance of each tapas. The experience is company centered, delightful, and entertaining. Even if you don't like what you're tasting at the moment, no need to fret- the next side is on its way. It's brilliant and my new favorite thing.

If you're looking for a memorable dining experience- get yourself to a tapas restaurant asap and don't forget to bring a party of friends with you!


birthday ginger

Happy Birthday to you, 

you are now twenty-two
Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people everrrr
Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to a friend I can't imagine not having.
Happy Birthday to a friend who is sunshine and joy, optimism and hope.
Happy Birthday to a friend who is passion no matter where or what she is doing.
Happy Birthday to Alexis who invites love, and joy, and strength into her life everyday.

She is the birthday ginger.


quote jar

Right before I left Waco this summer, a few friends and I picked ten quotes each that we love, that we love to laugh at, and that move us. We made copies, gave them to each other and sealed them away in mason jars. I've been staring at my jar all summer and finally opened it last night. Just as I excepted, I could hear my friends voices and laughs behind each quote. Here are few of my favorites:

Faith is not belief without proof, but trust without reservation. -Elton Trueblood

There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered. -Nelson Mandela

Ever notice how 'What the hell' is always the right answer? -Marliyn Monroe

I don't know why I find his stupidity charming. I mean, he's cheating off a girl who thinks the square root of four is rainbows. -Kurk from GLEE

The reason God changes people is to use them to change the world. -David Daniels

I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list. -Susan Sontag


b. republic fall 2010

Form Strategic Partnerships.
Exceed Expectations.
Banana Republic Fall 2010
Photographs by Peggy Sirorta

As always, I've fallen for Banana Republic's newest ad campaign. Mid-page flip, mid- sentence, mid-stride, they always stop me in my tracks.


flower power

How incredible is this flower carpet? This past weekend, 700,000 begonias were arranged on the floor of the Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium for a blooming weekend. The event is a biannual tradition for the country's capital dating back to 1971.

Besides the larger-than-life floral arrangement, this square, in the middle of Brussels, Belgium holds a special place in my heart. Not because of the history behind the buildings' facades (honestly, I'm not even positive I could identify them by name), but because this square was the first stop on my very first Euro-excursion.

Fresh-off the plane and wide-eyed, these buildings were a few of the first things to fill my Euro-fresh eyes- and I love them to this day. Any time I see a picture of them, I feel the same magic and awe I first felt in their presence.
Magic and awe. Heart-pounding awe and wonder. That's some flower power.


happy friday + ellen surprise

Last night, So You Think You Can Dance crowned it's season seven winner, Lauren. The night was full of season favorite performances, with a twist added to my personal fav routine. Choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon, it was originally performed by Twitch and Alex [seen here].  Daytime dancing queen herself, Ellen DeGeneres stepped in last night in place of injured Alex. If I thought Ellen couldn't get any better, I thought wrong.

P.S. If you have time for another video, click here. The video is a testament to the idea that kindred spirits come in every shape and size.

Happy Friday!

those days

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. Hebrews 6:19

Some days it's easy to take a quick glance at myself and lose hope. It sometimes feels and looks like I'm doing nothing and that nothing ever will come of me.  Those, of course, are the days when I listen to my flesh and the world. I let myself forget the Hope I have inside of me.

The writer of Hebrews is right, the Hope I have truly is my anchor for everything. It's the one thing I cling to today and every other day when I know little to nothing about what's going to happen in my life. I cling to Hope because Jesus is my one security in this life and I know that He has great things for me.

On the days that I do remember this Hope, I cling to it with all I have. Like a buoy in the raging sea, it keeps me above the water. Even more, on those days, I feel such a relief because I remember that the future isn't all on me. He who gives me great dreams, will also bring a means to realizing those great dreams. After all, they weren't my dreams to begin with, but His. On those days, I feel an incredible glow, or better yet, power from within because on those days I remember that Jesus is not only my anchor, but also my provider. His plans and dreams for my life exceed my most daring ones. 

He is my hope secure, my anchor strong.

I really like those days.

fall in love fashion

Senior year of high school, I wrote the fashion column for my high school paper. It makes me cringe now- the things I must have told people! In celebration and anticipation of fall coming (and not a moment too soon- it's an absolute inferno here in Texas) here is my wish list of things I want to be wearing this autumn.

Personally, speaking, the challenge and fun about dressing for fall is all in the layering: tights under dresses, cardigans over tees, jackets with scarves and hats to finesse the finishing touch. Layering is key and queen.

the blazer. both by b. republic

I've wanted a leather jacket for sometime...they're just cool, especially this one by b. republic. How dreamy and fancifully flouncy is this vest by j.crew? dream.y.

Cardigans are the catch-all, save all. Throw one on over a tee and jeans or pair one with a skirt, tank, belt. Love both of these by j.crew.

I'm in the market for a new, big-girl, "I will write professional pieces for you" kind of bag to carry my computer in. These, from Ann Taylor Loft and 9 West are two favorites I found this last week.


organizing my muses

If you're anything like me, when you love an article, see a rad ad, or want to steal a great idea, you rip it out of the magazine or newspaper you're reading and keep it. While all intended purposes are good, this scrappy habit can quickly lead to chaotic paper stacks here and there on your desk and in your drawers, as well as many "where'd I put that?" mind cramps.

To ease my own personal pain, I finally put all my borrowed ideas, favorite articles, and inspiration in one place. It's actually quite easy. Taking an old binder and a few sheet protectors, group your papers in a way that makes sense to you. I've divided mine into four categories: fashion, home decor, design/ advertisements, and writing. I also often take a sharpie to the pages and makes notes on what originally drew my senses to the page. Slip the papers into covers and voila: organized muses.


i dream of velvet

I love these photos featured in a fashion spread in this month's Harper's Bazaar. The deep colors and rich, heavy fabrics are all about autumn and I'm all about cool(er) weather. On days like today when the temperature exceeds 100, it's nice to be reminded that summer weather won't last forever...hopefully.

Photographs by Alexi Lubomirski

Have a lovely weekend!


Several months ago, I shared my love of Harper's Bazaar covers, most especially the April 2010 cover that featured Demi Moore, a staircase, the beach, and a giraffe. I wanted to believe that the whole situation was for real and not just a photoshop dream, but seriously, who would do that? It turns out, Rachel Zoe would.

Thankfully, the premiere episode of the new season of The Rachel Zoe Project features the shoot from start to finish and in Ms. Zoe's own words, I went bananas for it. This video, by Harper's Bazaar, also gives a peak and a little insight into the shoot. I die.

starry night countryfied

This Nashville street-side starry night took me by surprise. Smack in the middle of a world of beige and concrete, the night sky showed up and spoke up. I have no idea if the swirling mural is related to a near-by business or just there.

Speaking of starry nights, have you seen this video? Apparently it's every painting in New York City's Museum of Modern Art (on April 10, 2010) in two minutes, including Vincent van Gogh's own Starry Night. I've never been to the museum, so I'll have to take the video's creator's word. I'd certainly rather visit the museum in person, but still, kinda cool.


moved on?

Visiting Waco last weekend was a refreshing experience. Staying with a dear friend and visiting with many others, gallivanting to and from favorite shops, and indulging at most of my favorite Waco dives, it was fun to be back in my college town. I even lucked out and got a little quality time with Baylor itself; because it's summer, campus was deserted, allowing it to be just me and Baylor- the way I love it.

While it felt good to be back, I think it felt even better when I realized that my attachment to Baylor and Waco has severely weakened since graduation. My heart does twinge when I think of many friends who will be returning to school in just a few weeks, but I think I've begun moving past Baylor. It was an incredible, practically blissful four years, but I'm happy to say that I'm excited about what's happening in my life now as well as what might be just around the corner. Trust me, this wasn't an overnight process, in fact, I fought it the whole way. Nevertheless here I am: removed and okay with it. Incredibly thankful for a beautiful past but sincerely grateful for a future.

There has never been the slightest doubt in my mind that the God who started this great work in you would keep at it and bring it to a flourishing finish on the very day Christ Jesus appears.
Philippians 1:6
[The Message]


team chris

Confession, I've totally fallen in love with watching The Bachelorette this summer. Tonight, Ali picks her man...or maybe she doesn't? Either way, I'm be tuning in and rooting for Chris. If by some chance Ali loses her mind and doesn't pick him, you can find me on the first flight out of DFW to Cape Cod to find him. Okay I'm kidding...or maybe I'm not...who turns down a man who worked with inner-city kids in New York City and then quits to move home to help take care of his mom? He seems to have his head straight on his rather broad shoulders and his heart and priorities in the right place. Plus, have you seen him? Really, team Chris all the way.
Photos via Google and ABC
One of the many benefits of being the bachelorette absolutely has to be the clothes. Blush pink, chiffon, dreamy, and romantic, the dress above (A.B.S. by Allen Schwartz) is by far and away my favorite look worn by Ali this season.