The Defender

Today and yesterday, there has been a whisper of cool outside. It's almost like fall is telling us that we haven't been forgotten and the burning heat will come to an end. I have a feeling it will be here before we know it.

The last few weeks, I've been thinking about the story in the bible where the Pharisees bring an adulteress woman to Jesus. Trying to trap Jesus, they ask him what they should do with the woman who was caught having sex with a man that wasn't her husband. As you probably know, Jesus tells them that the man who hasn't sinned can throw the first stone and one by one, they all walk away.

But what I've been struck by recently is what Jesus does next. After all the men have left, he tells the woman to get up, go on, and sin no more. And then it hit me, I am that woman. Even if no one else catches me in a sinful act, Jesus sees me. He sees me at my most vulnerable and my most deceitful. Yet, instead of accusing me, he defends me. Defends me. With a love that is so great that I will never understand it but gladly welcome into every facet of my life, Jesus kneels down next to me and tells me to get up and go on. What love that is.

Walking in that love today and always, Happy Monday.


Back to School We Go

I love the first few days of school because they always remind me of my love for learning. Simply put, I love learning- always have, always will. I won't even lie, just discussing the syllabus in each class makes me excited for the semester. And I suppose it's nice to remember these things before the projects and unending pages of reading begin their stealthy theft of precious sleep and sanity.

Beyond new classes, the first week of school means new schedules, new books, and a familiar anticipation of the unknown. In my experience, no two semesters at Baylor have been the same. So what I love about the beginning of a new semester is that everything seems possible. Four and a half months sprawl out in front of me unplanned and undiscovered, just waiting. What's going to happen this fall 2009? I'm not sure, but here I go to find out.


The S Word

Tomorrow is the offical beginning of the dreaded S word: Senior Year.

The thought of saying goodbye to the life I have created at Baylor does nothing short of sending me into the whirlwind of a thousand emotions all at once. However, thankfully I've realized that constantly dwelling on this thought every day does nothing. And that is why I pray and plan for this year to be nothing short of glorious.

Today I am looking forward to:

A new fall at Baylor.

A. Tadda's birthday.

Learning about being a writer.

More times with these girls.

Kelly Clarkson.
Late nights of "studying"

My Bouncy Fire Family

Matt and Sarah getting married

Running the Baylor line again.
New friends I have yet to make.

This year I plan to do things I've never had the guts to do before, laugh harder, breathe deeper, and live fiercer than ever before. I hope I drop exhausted everynight into my bed, having enjoyed one more sweet Baylor day to the best of my ability.