last week

I've been a little absent in this place lately. I tend to shy away from writing whenever I'm overwhelmed and I've experienced a lot in the last week to say the least. Please allow me to play a little catch-up.

My last week in Waco can be summed up in food and friends. Unwilling to forget anything, my roommates and made of list of our favorite things and places in Waco and scheduled them all into days. Staying true to form, we of course didn't exactly stay with the schedule. But no matter what we did, the bottom line of last week is that we were always together; Cupps, the zoo, George's, Lolita's, What About Cupcakes, frolicking on campus, the Suspension Bridge, late night hangouts- sharing our last Waco moments together was what really mattered.

I'm a firm believer in full circle stories and beautiful, sweet, tiny details. I love them and because God knows that I love them, He filled my week with them:
Last week, I ran into almost all of my freshman year friends- some of which I haven't spoken to since the end of my freshman year. We got to catch-up and revel a little in how far we have come. From my off off campus house, I heard the campus bell tower chime in the new day, graduation day. Many lasts, many conversations- all of which were centered around love and friendship- just the way I wanted to leave it all.

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