lubbock or leave it

This past weekend, a Lubbock road trip with four high school best friends was in order for surprising our sixth, Audrey, for her 23rd. It was the first time ever that all six of us had been together in one of our college towns and quite possibly the longest period of time we all had been together since high school graduation...four and a half years ago. The surprise, masterminded by Rex and Eliz was perfect and the quick trip is something I won't forget. There was lots of silliness and many laughs, but no one could deny the love that filled the 32 hour trip. It was also an undeniable truth that we indeed are growing up- our lives are moving and taking shape with announcements and changes every day. I'm so happy we got this kind of opportunity to be together before I leave- they are five reasons why I will always love Fort Worth.

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