Back to School We Go

I love the first few days of school because they always remind me of my love for learning. Simply put, I love learning- always have, always will. I won't even lie, just discussing the syllabus in each class makes me excited for the semester. And I suppose it's nice to remember these things before the projects and unending pages of reading begin their stealthy theft of precious sleep and sanity.

Beyond new classes, the first week of school means new schedules, new books, and a familiar anticipation of the unknown. In my experience, no two semesters at Baylor have been the same. So what I love about the beginning of a new semester is that everything seems possible. Four and a half months sprawl out in front of me unplanned and undiscovered, just waiting. What's going to happen this fall 2009? I'm not sure, but here I go to find out.

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