The S Word

Tomorrow is the offical beginning of the dreaded S word: Senior Year.

The thought of saying goodbye to the life I have created at Baylor does nothing short of sending me into the whirlwind of a thousand emotions all at once. However, thankfully I've realized that constantly dwelling on this thought every day does nothing. And that is why I pray and plan for this year to be nothing short of glorious.

Today I am looking forward to:

A new fall at Baylor.

A. Tadda's birthday.

Learning about being a writer.

More times with these girls.

Kelly Clarkson.
Late nights of "studying"

My Bouncy Fire Family

Matt and Sarah getting married

Running the Baylor line again.
New friends I have yet to make.

This year I plan to do things I've never had the guts to do before, laugh harder, breathe deeper, and live fiercer than ever before. I hope I drop exhausted everynight into my bed, having enjoyed one more sweet Baylor day to the best of my ability.

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