opening up

"You're the God that opens seas, every flower, even me. You're all I need."
While driving to class this morning this lyric of Bethany Dillon stuck with me.
Unless they have lived alone, under a rock for their entire life, every person has experienced some kind of wounding to their heart at some point. Whether it was a broken relationship, a broken heart, or a broken promise, sometimes, something causes people to sink back from others and the rest of the world. I know this, because I have personally experienced it. However and most thankfully, God calls to us, longing to restore these broken, wounded places. And little by little, if we allow him to, we will begin to open up again like a beautiful, blooming flower. We weren't created to fade into the background of our world- we were meant to touch others, make a difference, be ourselves. And the God who parted a sea to save a nation of people, will just as willingly save us by restoring our hearts. He is the edgeless God who is so eager to enter our tiny, confined world in order to show us who we truly are.

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