moments to last part II

A 20 hour escape to Dallas this weekend was ordered to visit a beloved, former roommate. Car rides, ridiculously delicious food at the Cheesecake Factory and a sleepover in adjoining hotel rooms made for a girls weekend to remember.

It was clear we were in no rush as we lingered at the dinner table and stayed up late talking, laughing, and remembering; sharing plans and thoughts, dreams and jokes. These kinds of moments of lingering are becoming sweeter each day. Priorities seem to be shifting in this last semester as I pick and choose what to do and how to spend my time. I've decided this semester is the yes semester. Wanna hang out? Walk the bear trail? Go to Dallas? Yes, absolutely.

p.s. I must let you know that this is the first post written on my brand new computer given to me by my parents. I am so thankful for this new and perfectly petite, portable, and purple computer. They (my parents) seem to be in the dream making business for me- no matter how big or small. Blessed is a definite understatement.

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