roadtrip to SA

New Years and a wedding in San Antonio:

Sunset on the way...He makes all things glorious.

Cheesy Janes!

Eating blackeyed peas for good luck in the new year.

Bouncy Fire in attendance!

Joey and Kristen's wedding was an absolute representation of the beautiful and pure love God intends for us all. In vows that they wrote themselves, they promised to serve one another and love one another like their God has loved them. It was incredibly touching and even holy to be in the clear presence of God and two people committing their lives to Him and each other. I am so thankful that I could be a small part of their very special day.

Not to mention that the wedding was a wonderful excuse to see family and old friends. Catching up with recent Baylor alums allowed me a glimpse into the more nearer than ever future of life after Baylor. We laughed and ate, and best of all, partied and danced in celebration of the new Mr. and Mrs. Aviles- so thankful for this sweet opportunity of rest and fun before the craze of rush, sing, and a new semester.

Congratulations Joey and Kristen!

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