sisters in the family

As a senior, you start to take note of the most important things about college life. For me, one of the sweetest and dearest parts of my college experience has been my family in Tri Delt. Today, we are welcoming a new member into our family and it has made me reflect on the girls I have grown to love so much.

When I first joined Tri Delt, I hoped that I would get a big that I liked and could have fun with. God gave me so much more that I imagined. The girls in my family are incredible, deep-hearted women that exude the best things about Tri Delt. They have loved me unselfishly and steadfastly, taught me about being a woman of integrity and showed me true friendship. We laugh a lot, share our hearts, and love each other immensely. I know that when I leave Baylor, I will be taking them with me in my heart and will keep in touch with them for many years to come. My hope for our new little member is that she too will find the love and fellowship that has helped to mold me into the person I am today

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