standing room only

Don't just do something- stand there.

I don't want a job just to have one. I don't want meaningless work.

I want purpose and passion. adventure and exclamations.

Don't get the wrong idea, I pretty much reached my max for America's Next Top Model marathons and all-around lazing around the house about a week into my post-grad life. And yes, I do want to do something with my life, but not just anything...so I'm standing still and trying to figure it out. Does that make sense?

Thankfully, my standing still is about to turn into something a little more active as my summer travels begin this week. They're going to take me literally across the country and even across the border to visit our fair neighbors to the north. I'm really excited because each trip will include a different group of people and a different set of circumstances. There's something about travel
that lets you see your own world and yourself from the outside in. By experiencing different countries, people, and circumstances, you see yourself all the more clear. I'm expecting at the end of these travels to know a little more about where I want to do something, so let the standing and traveling commence!

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