a full heart

My heart is incredibly full and joyful after a week of Baylor Homecoming. Throughout the weekend, several people asked me how it felt to be in the middle of my final homecoming as a student. Today, in the quiet and rest from chaos of activity, I have realized that this was the best homecoming I have ever had. Naturally there were moments when my heart twinged with sadness, but as often as I could, I reminded myself to soak it in: dancing on the front row of a Tri Delt First Place Pigskin act, standing at the parade with some of my favorite people in life, cheering for our team (even as they lose), laughing with friends that have become family. Yes, my heart is a little sad today, but also incredibly full and thankful. Baylor will always be home and the memories will last forever.

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  1. Caitlin,
    You are the spirit of Baylor! They should put your sweet, smiling face on the cover of every one of their publications.
    Love you,