going vertical

Isn't it amazing how you can hear something hundred times and understand it one way and then, on that 101st time, your entire comprehension shifts. But I don't know if amazing is the right word to describe the feeling you're left with- it's more like shock, confusion, disbelief, astonishment, even an uncomfortableness. You've thought one way about something your whole life and then, someone explains it in a way that breaks through to you in a way nothing else could.

Allow me to explain.

This Monday, approximately 1,000 students nearly packed out the downtown Hippodrome in attendance of something new called Vertical. A group of students became convicted this last summer to start something new to bring Baylor students from every group and organization together to as one body and one unit. Ashfin Ziafat, the weekly speaker for Vertical Ministries spoke this Monday on knowing God and knowing the plan God has for our lives. He described living for God in such a way that it felt like a blindfold was being pulled off my face.

I've believed for a long time that God should be our first love, that we were created to be in a relationship Him, and that we are to be Christ like. But what about this (and I'm paraphrasing):
"God's will is so much more about what He's doing in us that what we're doing for Him. Marriage, kids, jobs- these are all wonderful things in life, but they're really things that God uses to shape us into being more like Him. What if instead of wondering and waiting for a wife/husband, you concern yourself with becoming a Godly husband/wife?"
Think about it, everything in life, everything, is to make us more like Christ and thus draw us closer to our God. Y'all, it's not about us. At all.

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