moments to last.

One night this week, I was at the library until 2 a.m. The next morning, a professor emailed me back about a question I had sent her the night before while I was still at the library. She commented back that I had been up late...little does she know that upon coming home, instead of going to bed, I had eaten cheesecake and watched Glee with my roommate.
Another night this week, I camped out in the back of an SUV with a few friends and a mountain of blankets to watch a movie.
And lately, I spend two hours almost every night practicing dance moves to the point of perfection.
These are a few of the moments that make college what it's suppose to be- four, or in some cases, five years of moments that rock- moments that I'll remember a hundred thousand moments from now.

I love college. and these moments.

fall 2008 * one of my favorite pictures of my college experience.

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