the most wonderful time of the year (warning: a semtimental entry)

Baylor Homecoming. There's nothing like it. It seriously is the most wonderful time of the year.
For freshman, it's a time for discovering the traditions. Gathering in Waco Hall, they learn the story of the Immortal Ten and then guard the eternal flame night and day until the pep rally on Friday. This tradition included very little sleep and a few touch and go moments for our dear eternal flame. Freshman year, I also carried the giant bear balloon in the homecoming parade. That memory is absolutely incredible and one that I will always, always remember and love. What a way to spend my first homecoming as a student.

Sophomore and junior years brought PIGSKIN and FLOAT! I've often said that I would be a lady bug from Tri Delt's Bugs SING act any day and it's true. There is absolutely nothing else like your first moments in the spotlight on Waco Hall stage. Even if I was in the very back row for most of the bugs act, it didn't matter- I reveled in every second on that stage and still do.

Baylor Homecoming is not complete without its parade. (It is afterall, the largest collegiate parade in the world.) Groups start working on their floats months in advance and often times, while sewing grass or painting leaves, it's easy to ask why in the world you're spending time doing this...It's because the float is so much more than an art project on steroids. It's hours and hours of the talent, creativity, and cooperation of a group. It's hours spent with friends sewing, hours spent with friends laughing. It's hours and friends that aren't going to come around ever again.
As much as I am in love with Baylor homecoming, it's terrifing to know that this is my last homecoming as a student. But I only have two choices of what to do with this fear: swallow it or sit in it. I choose to soak in every fiber of Pigskin practice and float hours, late nights and Baylor tradition.
For one hundred years, Baylor students have celebrated homecoming. That is amazing. Sic'em Baylor and Sic'em Homecoming. You are my favorite.

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