lonny part two: they did it again

Lonny Magazine {http://lonnymag.com}, a completely online style and decor magazine debuted this fall. The staff was floored by the they overwhelming response of praise they received. To put it plainly, they knocked it out of the park with their creative, fresh, inspiring, and one hundred percent paper-free, eco-friendly magazine- producing something that is a delight to read and pour over for ideas. Vanity Fair even did a story on the magazine after ONE issue. Yep, I think that says it all.

The winter issue of Lonny Magazine was unveiled several weeks ago and they've done it again. Michelle Adams, the editor-in-chief of Lonny (which by the way is a combo of London and New York) wrote in her letter, "Our in-boxes have been flooded with enthusiastic reader emails and every day we discover yet another kind and supportive blog post. To say the very least, we were FLOORED, humbled, and most of all, inspired." This inspiration definitely took them somewhere special because the December issue of Lonny is just as fantastic as the magazine's debut; check it out here for yourself.

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