please excuse the ripping sound coming from my magazine

So I think I may have chosen the wrong major...I've started a new obsession of tearing out of magazines, newspapers etc. my favorite ads. Here are my holiday favorites:

Brilliant baubles, collectible cashmere, perfect presents.

Witty alliteration + Heidi Klum+ Ann Taylor baubles= lovely

If you're not a fan of tights after this Coach ad, I'm so sorry.

An intriguing invitation. A revealing discovery. A promise of adventure. A whispered romance. A question answered. A secret kept.
I've never had any desire for a Tiffany & Co key, but after this ad, I'm begging for one.

Chanel- need I say more?

This Dior dress= from my dreams.

Perhaps as a "professional writer" these companies will hire me to write the next season of witty banter for their ad campaigns...in the meantime, here are my favorite looks from January magazines:

First, Kate Hudson on the cover of the January Harper's Bazar. To me, this cover is so beautiful and fun that it deserves to be framed.

Second, the always fabulous Sarah Jessica Parker in Glamour.

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