the space in between

I never quite know what to do with the days in between Christmas and New Years Eve. I usually feel stuck in this liminal space, having come out of the whirl of family and feasts from Christmas I feel like I'm tapping my foot in wait of the new year's arrival. It's weird, because as a life rule, I strive to make the most of every day I live: to love and laugh- much more than just exist.

I also have the tendency while at home to hunker down, usually only going out to see friends or run errands. This becomes especially true as the date to go back to school gets closer- it's like I want to suck in every morsel of home I possibly can. I love being home because I get to see friends that I've known for many many years and that know me so well. I also am with family who are my heart. And I guess that's why I hold on so hard right before I leave to go back to school. I won't see these people for weeks or even months and it's not easy to let them go, but the thing is, Baylor is one of my absolute favorite places in this world and once I get there, it's home. So then, it's the space in between that makes it hard, traveling between my two worlds. I don't know if will get any easier but at least I have some new, sweet kicks to carry me from one to the other. Happy last days of the year!

sweet, new kicks

sweet, kick-a friends

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