an elite sunday

It wasn't the way we hoped it would end, but what a ride it has been. A sea of 40,000+ Baylor fans in Houston to cheer on a team and program that has been on a magnificient journey of restoration- not just this season, but for the last seven years. What a pleasure its been to watch it all- not always pretty, not always successful- but always overflowing with incredible heart. That's something to always cheer for.

At lunch before the game, I couldn't help noticing the various groups of Baylor fans dining: not just college students and families, but also groups of old friends. People who graduated two and ten years ago, meeting up to catch up on life and cheer on their Bears. Years after leaving campus, the bond that started there has continued on- something I'm so glad to see is possible. Friends, let's make this us next year, in ten years, and forty more.

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