sb recap

Reasons SB10 will be remembered:
1) It gave me the chance to rediscover my best friends. Opportunities to recognize the things that make them uniquely them, the things that I love about them, and the things that make us all fit together.

2)The mountains. Every heart needs the quiet peace and restoration they offer. How they make you feel so tiny in comparison to their grandeur and how they make you slow down and stop- even if it's only for just a few minutes.

3) Sitting around the fire reading; enjoying the peaceful comfortableness we have being together all while the snow falls outside.

4)Sitting around the huge wooden kitchen table talking for hours. "Remember when" conversations that last for hours and span years- friendship is a sweet thing.

P.S. I use this blog as a place to be honest and open with my heart and thoughts. Therefore, I'm going to admit that last night, I was terrified of class this morning. I knew that when I got up, things, normal life, would start again and go. Run actually, until it's over and my heart simply isn't ready. But, I can't stop moving because I'm afraid. On the contrary, I have to push harder, breathe deeper, and make more of today than I did of yesterday. A lofty goal, but I shall try. That's all I can do.

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