parker pizzazz

Sarah Jessica Parker takes the cover of this May's Vogue. The photos are beautiful, the clothes incredible, and SJP as usual, is her charming, gracious, down-to-earth, and all around fabulously cool self. Much talk about the upcoming Sex and the City 2 movie, a little about her sweet family, and most interestingly, news about her most recent professional endeavor: becoming a designer for Halston Heritage (much of which is worn in SATC2). I particularly loved this quote about her professional choices: "Does it scare me? Am I intimidated? Am I challenged? That's kind of the way I've always made decisions." Good advice, SJP. Good advice.

She's divine. And someone I wish I knew...okay, enough with the SJP admiration.

P.S. Being flown to London by Vogue to interview Sarah Jessica Parker? Yeah, I think that's a job I wouldn't mind..

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