so long, farewell, auf weidersehen ugly betty

Dear Betty, Hilda, Papi, Justin, Mark, Amanda, Daniel, and Willy,
The outrageous antics, the ridiculous fashion, the most unbelievable situations-let's be honest, you were a few notches past over the top, but you are going to be missed. Beyond the glamour and attitude of Mode Magazine, you were the determination and ambition of a young woman from Queens, who dreamed of becoming a writer. You let Betty make her own way by always being herself, by listening to her heart, and by never letting go of her dreams. You were family supporting one another in all seasons of life, you were friends who backed each other up, and enemies that learned to love and respect each another. You were funny, endearing, and unforgettable. Thanks for letting me live and dream through you as you walked the halls of Mode and blazed your own trails. Yes, I know that being TV characters means that none of you are actually real, but if you ask me, the best characters are ones that you wish you could spend a Saturday night with or the ones that you can see a bit of yourself or your friends and family in. Miss you already.
Whole Heartedly,

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