the bro, the man

Today (minus seven minutes) is my big brother's birthday. Happy Happy Birthday to the guy who...

*is going back to school- you make us all so proud (and I'm secretly jealous you get more time at ole'BU.)
*I had the car adventure of a lifetime with one summer day...
*got me Matt Sayman's autograph waaay back in the day...you got major cool points for that one.
*always finds a way to make me laugh.
*picked quite a woman to marry this past year- we love Sarah!
*can rattle off ridiculous statistics about any sport, team, or player
*is quick with a joke
*is even faster to encourage
*always played me in thumb wars and games of mercy- I have no idea why I always pleaded with you to play- victory was never mine.
*is securely and confidently himself.
*walks through life with sincerity and a deep heart.

You're the best and I mean it. I am so thankful for you. Love, C

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  1. Beautiful description of Matthew. Thank you!!