All photos via LittleBrownPen

I have to admit, I've daydreamed about writing this exact post for a over a year and yet as I type, I still don't believe it.

Come January, the porch swings, the sunsets and I will be moving to Paris!

Monday I was accepted into a graduate program at The American University of Paris for Spring 2011. Since then, I feel like I've gotten engaged or something with all the phone calls, emails, and texts I've been making and receiving.

What else can I say, but God put a dream in my heart and people in my life to encourage it. He was faithful every step of the way and is leading me into what I can only believe will be one mighty adventure. I keep thinking, "Are you sure, God? Me...really?" But throughout this entire process, I trusted that if I was suppose to be accepted I would be- there were plenty of variables in the equation that could have gone wrong...but they didn't. There's a lot of paperwork and procedure to get through before the trans-Atlantic flight, but I know that He will carry it all through to completion.

Oh my gosh...I'm moving to Paris!


  1. Hi Cait!

    This is such fantastic news! I am SO happy for you.

    Evan and I will be in Paris in January as well and would love to connect if you are up for it.

    What a wonderful, exciting event!

    - NIchole

  2. Thanks Nichole! And I would love to connect, that would be awesome. Hope you and yours are doing well.