let them take cake...

Priceless: Watching wedding guests last night fills ziplock baggies full of reception leftovers. And I don't mean half a bag of fruit- I'm talking armfuls that required multiple trips to and from peoples' cars.

Shameless: My best friend and I joining in on the mayhem.

And this isn't even half the loot.

Alexis sums it up well.

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  1. haha I love this post! I love everything about that night! :) Such good times and I will never forget the 3 old ladies in the beginning who started the trend of stocking up and then our redhead who was literally throwing carrots into that foam cooler... OH MY GOSH.. and our lady friend who kept giving us the flowers and candles and Bob? wasn't it Bob? He was great too.. ugh and we can't ever forget Martha... my goodness.. SUCH A GOOD NIGHT!