actin' a fool

I sometimes traipse around in my world running on sickly sweet half-lives of entertainment. I'll skip a bible study here or a prayer time there and at first notice no difference. This causes me to make the mistake of believing I can get away with it again...and again. Until that is, I'm hurtling down I35 screaming at the person in front of me because they’re going too slow. Or until I selfishly think of myself when a loved one needs you to do them a quick favor. Am I alone in this?

Suddenly overwhelmed with shame, I finally acknowledge where it went wrong. My sickly sweet life has made me sick- or, at least a headcase. And then I'm crying while driving down the highway because I can see how ridiculous I’ve become and how un-Spirit led you’re being. Thankfully, it’s also in this moment that I can see how wondrous God is. How great His love is and how remarkable my relationship with Him is: despite the fact that I'm actin’ a complete fool, He’s still there. He's waiting to show me that there’s a better way, but for the moment, all He really wants is for me to stop and run into His arms.

We weren’t meant to live our lives on the fumes of sugary sweetness. We’re suppose to pursue the abundant life, but that takes hard work. Faith and mercy and love aren’t always the easiest things after all, but they’re so good for you. They require your daily attention if they're going to take root. I’ve always loved this line from an old hymn: Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Look full in His wonderful face and the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.

Thankful for Jesus, grace, and the chance to try again today. What about you?

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