countdown: the end is near

I've bought this photograph last August before I started my senior year of college. Normally, I steer away from the obvious, uber classical Parisian decorations, but this photograph is huge, I really needed something to take up wall space, and for whatever other reasons, I couldn't say no. Up it went and every day since I've stared at it; on days that I didn't want to leave college, on days when I wondered what I would do after college, on graduation day, on days when I doubted I'd ever move on, on days that I prayed and waited for the future, and on days when I held my breath as I waited to hear back from AUP. What I realized a few weeks after being accepted at AUP, while yet again staring at the photo, is that the area of Paris featured in the photo is roughly the same neighborhood as AUP. Seriously. Perhaps just a block of two away, maybe you can even see the tops of some of their buildings, my answer was right there in front of me the whole time. I have to wonder if God was just smiling at me, all those many days when I questioned and doubted my future, knowing that it was right in front of me. The last six months have been an exquisite, sometimes painful journey as God has faithfully chiseled away at my heart, my fears, my focus, and much more. Allowing me, I believe, to be here, one week away from Paris, and ready. It's incredible. God is so good.

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