o colored lights, family-ornamented, memory laden christmas tree

My dad and I finally put our Christmas tree up last night. When my brother and I were younger, it was a competition to see who could rummage through the ornament boxes fastest to find our favorite ornaments first. Today, the process is a little more subdued: my dad does the lights and me the ornaments while mom comes in and out to give helpful critiques here and there. I used to wonder why we didn't have an elegant, color coordinated Christmas tree- the kind you see on TV and in magazines. They're just so beautiful, so clean looking, so...organized. If we did that though, we would lose the history that we hang on every branch. Ornaments my brother and I made in elementary school, ornaments that nod to our personalities, our loves, our faith, and our travels. The tree is a reflection of us- and I love that. So once again, as we turn out all lights in the house to gaze upon the tiny twinkling ones of our tree, we celebrate not only the Christmas season, but our family as well.

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