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If you're still looking for a gift to give or just a pleasure read for your Christmas holiday, I'm sharing two of my favorite books I read this year. To say the very least, they're both delicious reads.  

In A Homemade Life, Molly Wizenburg  invites you into her kitchen, her life and her heart, which are often one and the same. One book review I read perfectly described the reading experience like this: You won't know whether to start the next chapter or run to the store to start cooking. And they were exactly right. Molly has incredible ease with her prose and unabashedly writes her best, worst, and most intimate moments in life- perfectly tying a favorite recipe with each chapter. The book is an absolute pleasure to read. In fact, when recommending the book to a friend, I promised that if she didn't like it, I would buy the book from her...still haven't heard from that friend. Bet you she's reading or cooking...

  David Lebovitz, a food writer and cookbook author, lived in San Fransisco for twenty years before moving to Paris. The Sweet Life in Paris is a laugh out loud, take no prisoners depiction of life among the natives in the City of Light that leaves you thinking, "Oh my gosh. Is it really like that?" Lebovitz has a reporter's knack for observation and details with a wit and sharp edge to match. The result is a savory chronicle of the always glorious, sometimes confounding food, tradition and life of Paris

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  1. My older sister bought me "A Homemade Life" for Christmas last year and I LOVE the book! The only problem was that I read it so fast that I still found myself eager to read more stories laced with meaningful recipes after I had finished. Luckily, Molly has a wonderful blog called Orangette (www.orangette.blogspot.com). I just wish she would post more often. And when I finally make a visit to Seattle, I'm definitely making a visit to Molly and Brandon's restaurant, Delancey (delanceyseattle.com).