getting on the bus

Yesterday, a wonderful friend went for her dream. She is applying to appear on Extreme Makeover Home Edition as a designer and as a part of her application, wanted to make a video to show the people at Extreme Makeover exactly how much she wants this.

So picture this: a gorgeous afternoon on Baylor campus. A crowd of sixty or seventy students with balloons and signs cheering on the side of the street. A chant of "Lisa, get on that bus" (a la "Move that Bus"). Then one of Baylor's giant campus tour buses rolling down the street with Lisa waving from the open door. President Garland even happened to stroll out of Pat Neff just in time to make an appearance in the filming. You better believe a Sic'em was thrown in the mix too.

So much love and excitement in that scene- all because of Lisa's dream and her willingness to chase after that bus- with all she has.

For many people I know (including myself), a bus of their very own will be coming in the somewhat near future. I just learned yesterday about another friend who will be moving to Austin after graduation. Plans are starting to form. Routes being drawn. Where in the world will my bus be headed? I have no idea, but thoughts and dreams are beginning to sprout up.

Baylor, my bus may be on it's way, but it's nice to know that for at least a few more months, I'm staying right here.
Girl got on that bus!
*Photos by Ryan Brinson*

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