my brother is getting married

Us, looking good in the 90s... It's a day that many people have prayed for, waited on, dreamed of, prepared for- and now it's actually here. My brother is getting married this weekend- and to an absolutely wonderful woman. When Matt was little, he decided that he never wanted to learn to drive- he'd let me learn so I could drive him around for the rest of his life...oh, how things have changed.

The Future Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers
*Photo by Kate Leverenz

Thinking about Matt this week, I realized that I have no idea how many sporting events I've attended in my life to watch him: there was tee ball, baseball, basketball, soccer, roller hockey, flag football, actual football. There is just something about sports that has captured Matt's heart. And his dedication to sports says something about his heart in turn: he is a passionate, driven individual. If I could only say one thing about my brother, it would be that he has the most incredible heart. It's deep and strong, brave and alive- always tender and feeling. I don't know if there is another person in my life with a heart like Matt's. He has picked me up many times when I was afraid or hurt. He is a man fully alive, living from the heart.

I remember thinking when I was younger, amidst all the girls who had crushes on Matt that when the day came for him to choose one of them- to choose the one- well, she was going to have to be absolutely spectacular in every sense for me to even begin to agree. I wouldn't accept anything less for Matt.

Well, the day has come. The choice has been made- and what a choice it was!

I first met and got to know Sarah the summer before my freshman year of college. At Baylor, Sarah rushed me for Tri Delta. Only now do I truly know all that that meant- Sarah stood up for me, fought for me, and didn't give up on me- that took guts. The gift of Tri Delt that Sarah gave me is something I will never be able to thank her enough for.

Sarah also introduced me to one of the very best friends I will ever have. I will be forever indebted to her for that. I love Sarah because she is smart, adorable, loving, a real beauty- and doesn't let Matt get away with anything :) She loves Matt fully and bravely- the most you could ever hope for a brother. I look forward to many years of friendship and sisterhood.

What a blessing to be able to watch your brother marry the woman who has captured his heart. Matt, I love you and am more proud than words could ever express. You are the man.

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