welcome back

God has been teaching me a lot about relationships in the last few months. I have been struck by His goodness, willingness, and desire to restore certain relationships in my life that I had given up on. You yourself may have personally experience a time when for one reason or another, some kind of relationship was severed. It probably wasn't comfortable, it probably wasn't a mutual decision, and it probably left an ache and/or festering somewhere within your heart. Or maybe you just lost touch with someone- simply having drifted in different directions.

Whatever the case, if you ever think a relationship is beyond repair, take heart. If you ever assume that you'll never have a certain relationship again- don't be so sure. God's plan for us is one that involves a continual refining of our hearts and minds so that we become more like Him. And if that refining has anything to do with a past relationship, I think He is going to bring that relationship back to us, in one way or another. Forgiveness and restoration are worth it, anger and resentment are not. Thankful today for my God who gives second chances to relationships.

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