Happy one year blogiversary. Time has kinda flown since we started together. Remember how compelled I felt to start you after having read the entire blog of a friend of a friend in a single sitting? Her honesty, love, and enthusiasm was practically infectious and I felt like there was a great deal of the same tumbling around in my head and heart wishing to get out. When we started, I felt both meek and bold; it was a relief to have an outlet for cascading thoughts and whims. but at the same time uncomfortable to share my heart, my faith, my acute me-ness with...well, the world.

I'm not sure how much other people have gotten out of reading the two of us this past year, but I for one have found fortitude and solace. You've helped me develop my voice as a writer, introduced me to many designers, decoraters, and writers, and given me a wee bit more ferocity to attack writing- and life.

Keep it real.

Love always,


P.S. Wouldn't this be such a fun birthday dinner party? Yeah, I thought so too.

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