a walking lesson

I realized this week that walking through the woods can be a lot like living life.

A month and a half into my post-grad life, I'm considerably bewildered as to how I'm suppose to form this new phase of my life. It feels like there are so many pieces to the puzzle that is my life that have yet to fall into place. In fact, a lot of the pieces don't even seem to be out of the box and on the table yet.

But here's the thing that I realized while backpacking last week: on a hike, you don't get to your destination in a single step- not even close. Translate this to my life and I realized that I don't, well actually can't, form the rest of my life in a single decision. You don't write a story in a single word and you don't create a painting with a single brushstroke. One decision at a time.
Soooooo, where do I want to go?

Now, how do I get there?

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