letter to nashville

Dear Nashville,
Thanks for being a place that David could love, so in effect, a place we would love visiting. Also, thanks for being a kicked-back yet trendy place full of dreamers who have passion and talent they're eager to share...I've wondered lately where all the cool, yet down to earth young people are...and now I know.

Dear Nashville guys,
Thanks for having the coolest haircuts ever and for rolling your jeans up. I love it. really.

Dear Bluebird Cafe,
Thanks for one of my favorite Nashville experiences and for introducing me to This & That.

You rock. Now really, how did you know just the song to sing? Y'all are officially my favorite duo and I am hoping extra hard that you have all the success in the world.

Dear Summer Nights,
Thanks for providing the perfect excuse to hang out until wee hours with a few favorite people I haven't had the pleasuring of seeing for quite some time.

Dear Centennial Park,
Thanks for being a beautiful green space smack dab in the middle of the city. It doesn't hurt that you have a life size replica of the Parthenon either. Also, much appreciation for providing the perfect backdrop for a self-timer photo shoot.

Dear Nashville restaurants in general,
You have some of the most delectable, taste bud satisfying, homecookin' food that I've tasted in quite a while. Loveless Cafe, Gigi's, Pancake Pantry, Merridee's Breadbasket...sheesh.

Dear David,
Thanks for being the best tour guide ever. We loved every minute of you showing off your summer/possible future city.
Dear 10+ hour drive home,
Thanks for allowing hours of "hot topic" conversation. And thanks for being a perfectly good excuse to hang out 10+ extra hours with Mark and Alexis.

Dear Nashville (yes, one more time),
Thanks for being the backdrop for our friend reunion. You may have only held our attention for a long weekend, but you now permantely hold several of our long-term memories.
Keep in touch,

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