discipline...are you out there?

I've been struggling lately with my, shall we say, open schedule. I'm talking the kind of wide open spaces where the deer and the antelope play. Sure, it's fun at first: wake up when you want, watch ridiculous reality tv or old Grey's Anatomy episodes, blog a little, maybe make a trip to Starbucks or Target, hang out with the family, and call it a day. Make this your life for a few weeks though and you start to feel slightly pathetic. Actually, strike the slightly...I was just trying to be nice to myself.

I realized today that even though I don't have a thousand things filling my beloved planner right now, what has really been out of whack lately is my discipline. Honestly, I've lost my focus regarding so many areas of my life; I've let it all slide because it's summer and I've beginning this maddening journey known has post grad life. The excuses though, have grown into a life-sucking leech.

So for the next month, the word is discipline. What I do, where I go, where I spend my time, even what I eat- it's all being changed.

Discipline? I think I can start to see you now...

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