happy birthday, dear dad

I decided in honor of my dad's birthday today, I would share the mini-speech I gave to introduce him at the Optimist Convention earlier this month. Happy Birthday, Daddy! I love you!

My dad is many things to me.

He is my backpacking buddy. With him, I’ve climbed mountains and wandered through valleys throughout the New Mexican wilderness. We’ve share many adventures and beautiful views and a few scrapes and bruises along the way.

He is my editor. Since high school and all the way through college, he was my second pair of eyes for essays and papers. Long before I ever considered myself a writer, my dad saw something in my words and in my heart. With his encouragement and nudges, I began to see the possibility in myself to become a writer.

He is, with my mom, my greatest supporter. He and my mom have dreamed greater dreams for me than I myself had ever imagined; they seem to think that nothing is impossible. It’s through their eyes and hearts, that I often see my own possibility.

Optimist International has been blessed by the leadership of many remarkable men and one amazing woman. This next year I am excited that you will have a chance to see the kinds of wild dreams my dad has dreamed for the children and this great organization.

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