and then there was spring

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Well, it's over.

I think SING has been one of the hardest things for me to experience for the last time, because I knew that it was the end of more than just one thing. Last night was the last time to perform with Tri Delt. Last night was the last time to perform on Waco Hall Stage. Last night was the last time for me to dance in front of an audience, maybe forever. Being apart of a dance studio for fifteen years, I wasn't sure how I would handle not dancing everyday when I came to Baylor. Thankfully, I found a few HP (that would be PE to nonBaylorites) dance classes and Pigskin and SING to take the studio's place. The feeling right before the curtain goes up and the way you can move across the stage without even having much of an idea that someone is out beyond the bright lights- I miss it already. Even more, I'll miss the freedom I found on stage. For four minutes, seven minutes- however long I'm dancing on stage- not a single other thought enters my mind- not about the future, not about how my day was- nothing. Just freedom and movement and breathing. It's almost magical.

With SING being over, it's like a sheet is raised and all of a sudden, I can see spring and the rest of the semester. The tunnel vision that SING has forced is gone and suddenly there are more hours in the day and more possibilities of things to do. It's suddenly a whole different semester. You know that days of warmth, and sun bathing, road trips and parks, and leisurely hang out time are close.

And even closer is Spring Break. Unfortunately for me, three tests and two papers are blocking my view of the Colorado Rockies that will be my present this time next week. How badly do I want to frolic around with my new found time instead of study? Pretty bad. How stupid a decision would that be? Real stupid. Books, you've won for now...four days from now, your reign is over.

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