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Introducing BOOK SWIM, the net flicks of books!

So here's the deal: For $9.99 a month, you can order and receive via snail mail as many livres as your bookworm heart wishes. You keep an account and rental pool (queue) online here and books are mailed to your house (max 4 at a time) until you're ready to give them back. What about postage and shipping, those can be expensive? I know, right? Once you're done reading, you simply return the book in the preaddressed, prepostage paid bag. E-A-S-Y. And here's the genius part: If you read a book that totally changes your life, tugs are your heart strings, or makes you see the world in a brand new way,the good people at BOOK SWIM will let you keep the book. Seriously, if you read a book and decide you want to keep it, they're totally okay with it (for a little extra, I'm sure...).

P.S. If I am waaayyy behind the times, don't tell me and ruin my book buzz. This is SO cool!

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