oh how i love thee, wednesday

Today, I love...
my (newly broken-in) cowboy boots- Okay, I must admit, I've had cowboy boots for a while but never fully embraced the cowgirlness of them until recently. Due to the cold and rainy weather the past few weeks, I started wearing my boots because they 1)were warm and 2) kept my feet dry. What I discovered was, once broken in, these babies are freaking fun to wear.
my style.com iphone app. Okay, let's be honest: would I rather listen to a professor discuss the symbolism in Joel Barlow's "The Hasty-Pudding" or ogle images of every major designer's new Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear line being shown this week in NYC? Honestly.
zac posen + target- While we're on the subject of designers, I just found out that Zac Posen and Jean-Paul Gaultier are the next designers to sell oh-so affordable lines for Target's GoInternational line. Seriously, if I could be bffs with one designer, it would be Mr. Posen. Better start exercising restraint now, otherwise, every last one of these dresses will end up m-i-n-e. so. excited.

- It's tomorrow. TO-MORROW. and let's just say things are going swimmingly...
the sun- today is the first truly beautiful day of the spring semester- totally worthy of more than an afternoon of 18th century reading...

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