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1st Place All-University Sing 2009: Tri Delta with "Fresh Pickens"
This week, the Baylor bubble waits with baited breath for the unveiling of Sing 2010. As usual, rumors have flown wild for weeks about various groups' themes and potential. And as usual, it's all talk- at least until this Thursday when six weeks, and for sing chairs, a year's worth of work and practice are unveiled as the curtain goes up for six performances spanning two weekends. If you've never experienced Sing, it's hard to really understand it. And I'm sorry dear friends at other schools that have "something that's just like Sing, just smaller," but there's nothing like Baylor's All- University Sing. Yes, it's ridiculous. Yes, it's crazy. Yes, it's incredible. AHHHH- so excited for Club Night! And although I can't obviously unveil anything about Tri Delt's act at this time, I will tell you that we're back and ready to fight!

To watch a video about Sing from 2009, click below!

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