team chris

Confession, I've totally fallen in love with watching The Bachelorette this summer. Tonight, Ali picks her man...or maybe she doesn't? Either way, I'm be tuning in and rooting for Chris. If by some chance Ali loses her mind and doesn't pick him, you can find me on the first flight out of DFW to Cape Cod to find him. Okay I'm kidding...or maybe I'm not...who turns down a man who worked with inner-city kids in New York City and then quits to move home to help take care of his mom? He seems to have his head straight on his rather broad shoulders and his heart and priorities in the right place. Plus, have you seen him? Really, team Chris all the way.
Photos via Google and ABC
One of the many benefits of being the bachelorette absolutely has to be the clothes. Blush pink, chiffon, dreamy, and romantic, the dress above (A.B.S. by Allen Schwartz) is by far and away my favorite look worn by Ali this season.

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