flower power

How incredible is this flower carpet? This past weekend, 700,000 begonias were arranged on the floor of the Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium for a blooming weekend. The event is a biannual tradition for the country's capital dating back to 1971.

Besides the larger-than-life floral arrangement, this square, in the middle of Brussels, Belgium holds a special place in my heart. Not because of the history behind the buildings' facades (honestly, I'm not even positive I could identify them by name), but because this square was the first stop on my very first Euro-excursion.

Fresh-off the plane and wide-eyed, these buildings were a few of the first things to fill my Euro-fresh eyes- and I love them to this day. Any time I see a picture of them, I feel the same magic and awe I first felt in their presence.
Magic and awe. Heart-pounding awe and wonder. That's some flower power.

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