top of the list: tappas

Last night, I discovered tapas.

I realize that I may have just admitted complete culinary ignorance- did the whole world know about tapas and not tell me? Regardless, I've seen the light people and tapas are shimmering goodness! If like me, you're not too taught when it comes to tapas, allow me to include you in the wonderfulness.

Tapas, Spanish for "to cover," are Spanish snack tradition. They can be hot: Spanish meatballs, calamari, chicken and ham coquettes or cold: cheese, pita bread, stuffed peppers- the main point is that they are very small portions- enough for two maybe three bites by every person at table.

This serving style is designed to encourage and facilitate conversation. Instead of every person focusing on their own plate, you're sharing and dissecting the every nuance of each tapas. The experience is company centered, delightful, and entertaining. Even if you don't like what you're tasting at the moment, no need to fret- the next side is on its way. It's brilliant and my new favorite thing.

If you're looking for a memorable dining experience- get yourself to a tapas restaurant asap and don't forget to bring a party of friends with you!

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