organizing my muses

If you're anything like me, when you love an article, see a rad ad, or want to steal a great idea, you rip it out of the magazine or newspaper you're reading and keep it. While all intended purposes are good, this scrappy habit can quickly lead to chaotic paper stacks here and there on your desk and in your drawers, as well as many "where'd I put that?" mind cramps.

To ease my own personal pain, I finally put all my borrowed ideas, favorite articles, and inspiration in one place. It's actually quite easy. Taking an old binder and a few sheet protectors, group your papers in a way that makes sense to you. I've divided mine into four categories: fashion, home decor, design/ advertisements, and writing. I also often take a sharpie to the pages and makes notes on what originally drew my senses to the page. Slip the papers into covers and voila: organized muses.

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